VIP Red Carpet Hire Leicester

vip red carpet hire leicester
red carpet hire leicester
vip red carpet hire leicester

Price: £45.00

*Price for red carpet only not including Post & Ropes

(No VAT is charged on hire)

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VIP Red Carpet Hire Leicester – is often used at wedding receptions, special birthday parties and corporate events. These are most popular when having a themed event, such as a James Bond, Cocktail & Gin night or even an Oscars party.

The Red Carpet symbolises glamour and elegance, which are the fashion industry’s main values. The red carpet itself has become an integral part of fashion events like film festivals or award ceremonies. Celebrities walk down the red carpet to make their presence known and feel connected with their fans.

Our red carpets are used in hotels throughout Leicestershire and surrounding counties, it is a staple requirement for weddings and special parties and proms. They are ideal for a great photo opportunity so be sure to book and don’t miss out the glamour, glitz and pizazz!

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Did you know? – In 1902, the New York Central Railroad began using plush red carpets to direct people as they boarded their 20th Century Limited passenger train. This is believed to be the origin of the phrase “red-carpet treatment”. By the late 1920s the red carpet had become synonymous with Hollywood and film premieres.
Often hired with 'VIP Post & Ropes' is...
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VIP Posts & Ropes


No VAT to pay on hire charge

Price does not include Post & Ropes

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