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Dancefloor Hire Leicester & Leicestershire

From stunning White LED Dancefloors to Wooden Parquet, we have the perfect centrepiece for your event.

Dancefloor Hire Leicester & Leicestershire –

A dance floor hire in Leicester is an essential element for various events and celebrations, playing a pivotal role in creating an atmosphere of joy, entertainment, and social interaction. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, or any other festive occasion, having a dedicated space for dancing offers numerous benefits that contribute to the overall success of the event.

First and foremost, a dance floor provides a designated area for guests to engage in lively and celebratory dancing. It serves as a focal point, encouraging people to come together and participate in the festivities. The act of dancing itself is a universal form of expression that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, fostering a sense of unity and shared enjoyment among attendees.

Furthermore, a well-designed dance floor adds an aesthetic element to the event venue. Whether it’s a sleek white LED dance floor, a classic wooden parquet dance floor, a stylish black and white dancefloor, or a pristine plain white dance floor, the visual appeal enhances the overall ambiance of the space. The dance floor becomes a central feature that complements the theme and decor of the event, contributing to a more immersive and memorable experience for guests.

From a practical perspective, having a dedicated dance floor also ensures the safety of participants. It provides a level and secure surface, reducing the risk of slips and falls during energetic dance routines. Additionally, the delineation of a dance area helps to organize the event space efficiently, preventing congestion and allowing for smoother traffic flow.

In summary, a dance floor is crucial for events because it facilitates social interaction, adds aesthetic appeal, and contributes to the safety and organization of the venue. It transforms gatherings into lively celebrations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and making the overall event more enjoyable and memorable.

If you want to make a real impact at your event, impress your guests with one of our dance floors. Dancefloors are becoming ever more popular at clients’ events, so we have catered for all by offering a choice of the dancefloor to suit your event.

If you would like the glamour and glitz we have a very impressive white starlit LED dancefloor, a popular choice for weddings & Christmas parties. We also have a more rustic wooden parquet dance floor which is most popular in marquees and country clubs and a perfect choice for a Ceilidh dance.

Whatever your dancefloor requirements are, we are confident in making your vision come alive. Our team of professionals deliver and assembles your dancefloor in under an hour, allowing you time to greet your guests and join them for a drink worry-free. We have supplied dancefloors throughout venues across the midlands, including large named hotels to boutique hotels, stately homes and halls, universities and school proms.

The inclusion of a dancefloor in your event can often be the finishing touch that transforms the space. On so many occasions our team have had the clients say how the dancefloor has made all the difference.

Traditional and Modern Wedding Dancefloor Hire

Our most popular dancefloor choice for weddings is the White LED Starlit Dancefloor. This stunning white LED dance floor will make a fantastic centrepiece to any function room, marquee or event space. We also have the Plain White Dancefloor which offers all the elegance of the White LED Dancefloor without the glitz.

Marquees & Home Events Dancefloor Hire

The Wooden Parquet Dancefloor is where it all began. At the turn of the last century, all the grandest hotels in the country installed wooden parquet dance floors in their ballrooms for the regular hosting of dances. Ever since then the parquet floor has been a firm favourite for dancers of many styles.

Corporate Events, Birthdays & Special Occasion Dancefloor Hire

The black & white checkered floor epitomises the elaborate party style that dancers and partygoers find so appealing.

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White LED Starlit Dancefloor hire

White Starlit LED Dancefloor

From £250.00*

*Price varies with size

No VAT to pay on hire charge

wooden parquet dancefloor hire leicester

Wooden Parquet Dancefloor

From £150.00*

*Price varies with size

No VAT to pay on hire charge

black & white dancefloor white leicester

Black & White Dancefloor

From £180.00*

*Price varies with size

No VAT to pay on hire charge

Plain white dancefloor hire leicester

Plain White Dancefloor

From £200.00*

*Price varies with size

No VAT to pay on hire charge